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Rocky is a fierce fighter. He wanted to be a police dog, but he is a S.A.R. dog. All of Rocky's littermates are police dogs. Rocky's trainer tells him he is special. Rocky does not believe him. That is until Rocky meets Ben, a rock hard man, and they face a snowstorm. Rocky does not know if he is ready. Will Rocky do everything he can do to help, or will he give up and stop?

Rocky's Recovery

Rocky's Recovery is about a young dog Rocky who broke his leg. Rocky has a hard time getting used to no walks, no dog park, and no fun. But when Rocky was finally allowed to walk, he meets a girl chocolate lab. Ben, Rocky's owner meets Annie, Bella's owner. Will Ben and Annie allow their dogs to mate, or will they keep Rocky and Bella separated?

A Christmas Surprise

A Christmas Surprise is about: Rocky, a mutt, and Bella, a lab, who have 8 pups. Rusty, Sandy, Peaches, Rosie, Bingo, Cocoa, Charlie, and Kona. The pups get into trouble and destroy the house. Can Rocky, Bella, and their family keep the pups?


Vacay is about: Eight pups, two adult dogs, and two grown-ups who go to Flordia. The pups get into trouble. From chasing tennis balls to throwing up from eating too much food, the troubles never stop. Can they survive the long hard week?